Housing First Partnership and Accountability Matrix


National Alliance to End Homelessness

Toolkits | November 19, 2009

Files: Sample of Completed Partnership and Accountability Matrix (PDF | 338 KB | 3 pages) Partnership and Accountability Matrix Worksheet (DOC | 131 KB | 3 pages)

This tool helps communities identify possible partners and accountable agencies within their Housing First system.

This tool is based on the three main outcomes of a Housing First system:

  • Prevention of homelessness
  • Reduction in the length of time of homelessness
  • Decreased recidivism

If a community is in the planning phase of moving to a Housing First system, this tool is valuable for making sure that all of the private, public, and nonprofit partners the community may need are brought to the planning table. If a community is implementing a Housing First system, this tool can be used to help hold partners accountable to the roles they should be playing.