Housing is Health Care


Audio | October 24, 2007

Ending homelessness takes coordination among a variety of public service systems.  The public health system and health care for the homeless (HCH) programs in particular play a significant role.  By partnering with local permanent supportive housing programs, providing intensive case management and services for clients in housing programs such as Shelter Plus Care and Section 8, participating in the local ten-year planning process to end homelessness, or serving as part of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams, HCH programs make sure those experiencing homelessness can access health care services while homeless and after they are placed in housing.  Initially these partnerships can be difficult but once established the rewards are immeasurable.

This audio conference described ACT programs, explained successes and challenges they have faced in serving homeless families and individuals, provided participants with ideas for how to engage their local HCH programs, helped health care providers connect with their housing counterparts, and discussed how they have helped their clients maintain housing.