HPRP Per Household Spending Chart


Interactive Tool | July 4, 2010

The Alliance's Quarterly Leadership Council HPRP Report: April - June 2010 illustrates how HPRP programs in thirteen cities have used over $40 million assisting over 92,000 households experiencing homelessness or risk of homelessness. Median per household spending on prevention is $1,294 and ranges from a low of $784 in Philadelphia to a high of $ 4,620 in Los Angeles. Median per household spending on rapid re-housing is $1,456 and ranges from a low of $583 in New York to a high of $ 4,911 in Miami. Variation across cities is influenced by a variety of factors including program design, local housing costs, and the practice of combining HPRP funds with other funding sources. This interactive chart shows per household prevention and rapid re-housing spending for the thirteen cities included in the report.