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Other | October 31, 2011

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International Alliance to End Homelessness through Research, Policy, and Practice
Washington, DC
March 15-18, 2011

A drastic reduction in the number of people experiencing homelessness is now a key policy priority across much of the developed world. Indeed national governments, state and provincial levels of governments, individual cities and communities, and nongovernmental organizations across many countries have mobilized themselves around a common motivation to end homelessness.

To this end 26 leaders in the areas of research, policy and practice gathered from Australia, Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America to consider ways to help each other reach our national and local goals. It is clearly an area of work where an international exchange of conceptual frameworks, sound research and evidence, as well as practical interventions may be of benefit for at least two reasons:

  • In many countries a serious official commitment to homelessness prevention is still relatively recent, and so thinking, policies and practices may still be a little underdeveloped.
  • There is a great diversity of approaches across countries, the relative merits of which have not yet been fully tested.

On this basis and with the firm belief that “the whole is significantly greater than the sum of its parts,” we conclude that an International Alliance to End Homelessness needs to be established as soon as possible focused around the disciplines of policy, practice and research. The initial areas of focus will include:

  • Prevention of homelessness;
  • Homeless youth;
  • Strategies to combine housing and services; and
  • The relationship between homelessness and the criminal justice system.

It will build on existing data and research across our countries and, where possible, other Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, and will facilitate and catalyse reflection and action.

Our mission is to assist and enhance the work of national governments, local communities, and nongovernmental organizations to end homelessness through a shared passion and commitment to high quality policy, practice and research.