IAEH Summary


Other | October 31, 2011

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Please download the document to read more about the International Alliance to End Homelessness, including the IAEH’s founding, the need for a group such as the IAEH, its approach to ending homelessness both domestically and internationally.

The International Alliance to End Homelessness is an alliance of public, private, and nonprofit entities that work together to create and share information about the best ways to end homelessness.  Currently a loose confederation of partners, it is formalizing into a staffed organization that can promote research and evidence-based models of policy and practice in a more systematic way.  Most immediately it intends to focus on the following priority issues:

  • Prevention of homelessness;
  • Homeless youth;
  • Housing combined with services;
  • <
  • Reentry from incarceration;
  • Employment;
  • Migration and native populations.