Implications of the Family Homelessness Study in New York City


Audio | October 24, 2007

This audio conference focused on implications of research findings from a study of family homelessness in New York City. A new study on family homelessness in New York City was recently completed by the Vera Institute for Justice under contract with New York City’s Department of Homeless Service (DHS) that provides a picture of the pathways families take before entering shelter. The study highlights the characteristics of families that are most vulnerable to entering shelter and those most likely to have subsequent episodes of homelessness. The presenters were Mary Ann Schretzman, Deputy Commissioner for Policy and Planning and Jay Bainbridge, Assistant Commissioner for Research and Planning, both of the New York City Department of Homeless Services (DHS). They provided an overview of provocative findings, lessons learned about opportunities to intervene to prevent family homelessness and New York City’s plans to put research into practice.