Innovative Housing Subsidies


Audio | August 14, 2006

With a shortage of Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, some state and local governments have designed housing assistance subsidies that help families meet their housing needs. Such rental assistance programs vary widely in design. Some communities provide short-term rent assistance (lasting 3-4 months) while others allow housing counselors to set the amount of financial assistance per family that can be used flexibly (as short-term or shallow subsidy), allowing the intervention to be tailored to families’ needs. New York City is piloting Housing Stability Plus, a program that provides all eligible families in shelter a welfare funded housing supplement that gradually declines over a five year period.  This audio conference focused on state and locally funded housing subsidies that help families transition out of homelessness and explored state and local rent subsidy programs, including an examination of funding constraints and other considerations that influenced the design of the subsidies.