Keys: Ending Family Homelessness


Video | February 20, 2008

This video highlights how communities across the country are decreasing homelessness among families. Thanks to the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, it’s yours to use for free.

Use it as a tool to educate, influence, and inspire people in your community. Some ideas on how to use the video:

  • Show the video to your staff, partners, and key funders.
  • Show the video at an annual meeting, board meeting, or conference.
  • Send copies to local elected officials; schedule a screening in their office.
  • Hold screening parties and use the video as a fundraising tool.
  • Add it to your website by adding a link.
  • Provide copies of the video to your local schools and universities.
  • Provide copies to the local faith-based community and ask them to get involved.
  • Highlight the video in your newsletter.
  • Add your own “response” video to our You Tube site about what your community is doing to end family homelessness.
  • If broadcast news organizations are interested in putting together a homelessness story, send the video to them so that they can pull visuals and sound bytes.
  • Send the video to blogs that cover homelessness, family and poverty issues. Encourage them to highlight it on their websites.

This video was made with generous support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.