Maine:  Preventing Homelessness Among Reentering Prisoners


Best Practice | August 18, 2006

Maine's reentry housing program, Rental Assistance Plus Care, provides rental assistance coupons and support services to ex-offenders for up to 2 years.
Target Population:
The initiative will target 225 youthful offenders (ages 16-25), who are being released to four different counties in the State.
Program Description:
Through Maine's reentry initiative, a housing coordinator will be placed in each of the three regions in Maine to assist ex-offenders in locating and retaining housing. The housing program, RAC (Rental Assistance Coupon) + Care, provides a rental assistance coupon and support services to low priority groups for Section 8, including people leaving correctional institutions, youth who have aged out of care or are homeless, single victims of domestic violence, and families who do not have priority.
Maine's State Housing Authority is implementing RAC + Care in Bangor. Ex-offenders will be given a market rate coupon for housing and a "family and systems team" will connect coupon recipients to stabilization services in the community. Recipients will be reviewed every six months and can participate in RAC + Care for up to two years.
Minors will be provided with transitional housing, with support from Maine's State Housing Authority and other grants. Housing services will be linked to existing educational programs targeting youthful offenders. If a young person chooses to pursue post-secondary education, they are eligible for housing assistance while living on college campuses.
Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative, Maine State Housing Authority, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
For More Information, Contact:
Becky Hayes Boober
Department of Corrections, Reentry Office
(207) 287-1011