MD - Howard County


Ten Year Plan | July 25, 2011

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Howard County’s Plan to End Homelessness focuses on two populations: chronic and what their plan calls those who are “situationally” homeless following a crisis.

The plan states that the keys are:

“Prevention efforts to provide stabilization services to persons that might otherwise become homeless; and a Housing First approach to move homeless persons as rapidly as possible to permanent housing.”

“It was drafted by the Committee to End Homelessness, at the request of the Board to Promote Self-Sufficiency. The Board was created by the county executive and county council to promote the economic stability of individuals and families and reduce the incidence of poverty in Howard County.”

“The Plan reviews what’s known about homelessness in Howard County, enumerates current efforts to deal with the problem, and points to a new paradigm of Prevention and Housing First adapted to the local situation.”