MD - Montgomery County


Montgomery County, Maryland

Ten Year Plan | August 2, 2006

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In order to end homelessness in Montgomery County, Maryland, the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless has developed “Homelessness in Montgomery County: Beginning to End.”  The plan calls for steps on three fronts to be taken: “building the foundation,” “closing the front door,” and “opening the back door.” Six objectives are outlined in the plan:

  • Increase the stock of affordable and subsidized housing for all of the County’s citizens
  • Improve wages and work supports so that people can afford housing and provide better support services for economically disadvantaged and disabled people
  • Prevent entry to homelessness
  • Reduce barriers to people exiting homelessness quickly
  • Develop appropriate community resources for people needing treatment for mental health substance abuse
  • Raise public awareness about homelessness, its prevalence in Montgomery County, its impact and potential solutions
“Beginning to End” was finalized in 2002 and aims to end homelessness by 2012.