Model State Act for Unaccompanied Runaway and Homeless Youth


National Alliance to End Homelessness

Advocacy Resource | June 8, 2010

Files: PDF | 270 KB | 25 pages (long form) PDF | 202 KB | 11 pages (short form);

Only a handful of states offer statutory support and funding to bolster housing and services to programs serving youth experiencing homelessness.

The Alliance encourages local advocates and state legislators to consider enacting statewide efforts to focus policy and funding toward vulnerable homeless youth populations. One way to do this is to introduce legislation at the state level.

The Alliance offers the following short and long versions of a Model State Act for Unaccompanied Runaway and Homeless Youth. Local areas may pick and choose those statutory sections that best fit their community needs.

The Alliance offers more information about youth homelessness and ways to get involved in federal advocacy efforts.

For more information about this specific document, please contact our youth policy staff.