National Advisory Council on LGBTQ Homeless Youth


Other | May 17, 2011

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The National Advisory Council on LGBTQ Homeless Youth was created to address these concerns and improve the nation’s response to homelessness among LGBTQ youth.  NAC works to:

  • Improve national planning and policy to support ending homelessness for LGBTQ youth
  • Improve local communities’ responses to LGBTQ youth at risk of or experiencing homelessness
  • Enhance the capacity of local service providers’ to appropriately serve and end the homelessness of LGBTQ youth.

For a list of National Advisory Council on LGBTQ Youth members please see below.

Andrea Khoury
ABA Commission on Youth at Risk (DC)
Darlene Curtis
Tides Foundation (CA)
Andrew Barnett
Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League (DC)
Dave Ambrose
Attorney CA)
Anne Seigal
Wellspring Foundation (DC)
Debbie Shore
Sasha Bruce Youth Work (DC)
Beth Barnes
Walden Family Services (CA)
Donald Chamberlain
Sound Thinking (WA)
Bethany Lockhart
Colage (CA)
Flor Bermudez
Lambda Legal (NY)
Bob Reeg
National Network for Youth (DC)
Fred Reninger
Houston Area Community Services (TX)
Bonnie Wade
UCAN, LBGTQ Host Home Program (IL)
Gary Mallon
Hunter School of Social Work (NY)
Brian Smith
LBGT Community Center (NY)
Gina Stoval
AIDS Foundation (TX)
Brooke Smith
Harper Jean Tobin
National Center for Transgender Equality (DC)
Carl Siciliano
Ali Forney Center (NY)
Heidi Darrow
Wellspring Foundation (NY)
Carolyn Reyes
Legal Services for Children (CA)
Hillary Shelton
Carrie Jacobs
The Attic Youth Center (PA)
Lori Kaplan
Latin American Youth Center (DC)
Irma Gonzalez
Tides Foundation (CA)
Lucky Michaels
MCCNY Homeless YOuth Services
Jane Ottow
St. Aemillian-Lakeside (WI)
Marisa Howard-Karp
GLBT Youth Support Project (MA)
Jasper Hendricks
National Black Justice Coalition (DC)
May Chin
Dept. of Youth and Community Development (NY)
Jody Marksamer
Equal Justice Works Fellow (CA)
Megan Blondin
Mid-Atlantic Network of Youth Services (PA)
John Robertson
Equal Justice Works Fellow (CA)
Melinda Giovengo
YouthCare (WA)
Joshua Delgado
National Center for Lesbian Rights (CA)
Mul Kyul Kim
National Center for Transgender Equality (DC)
Joshua King
Human Rights Campaign (DC)
Nancy Chapman
NYC ACS Office of Youth Development (NY)
Juan Calderon
Puerto Rican Cultural Center (IL)
Ozella R. Barnes
Teen Living Program (IL)
Judith Dobbins
Covenant House (DC)
Phyllis Duncan-Souza
Casey Family Programs (WA)
Justin Reed Early
Author (NY)
Raquel (Rocki) Simoes
Avenues for Homeless Youth (MN)
Kaali Cohen
Red Zone Solutions
Rebecca Grossman
Kaitlyn Gentile
Lambda Legal (NY)
Reed Christian
Callen-Lorde (NY)
Kathy Colbenson
Rhodes Perry
Laura Hughes
Ruth Ellis Center (MI)
Rob Woronoff
Putting Pride into Practice Project (CA)
Laurie Young
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (DC)
Zak Sinclair
Tides Foundation (CA)
Robin McHaelen
True Colors (CN) 
Sassafras Lowrey
Kicked Out Anthology (NY)
Shahera Hyatt
California Homeless Youth Project (CA)
Shawn Gaylord
Shelbi Day
National Center for Lesbian Rights (FL)
Sherilyn Adams
Larkin Street Youth Services (CA)
Simon Costello
LA Gay and Lesbian Center (CA)
Stephanie White
National Center for Transgender Equality (CA)
Sylvie Rhue
National Black Justice Coalition (DC)
Theresa Nolan
Green Chimneys (NY)
Tim Sweeney
Gill Foundation
Toby Eastman
Larkin Street Youth Services (CA) 
Tracy Little
LGBT Community Center (NY)
Valerie Larabee
Utah Pride Center (UT)