National Youth in Transition Database


Federal Policy Brief | September 6, 2012

Files: Highlighting Intersections between Aged-Out Foster Youth and Homelessness (PDF | 107 KB | 2 pages)

This federal policy brief describes child welfare’s National Youth in Transition Database, which collects data on the services provided to youth aging out of foster care as well as the reporting of outcomes for youth who have exited, which includes homelessness. The survey is first administered at age 17, and then again when the youth is 19 and 21. States are required to collect data from at least 80 percent of their youth in foster care, and from at least 60 percent of the youth who have left care. Locating and contacting youth who have left care, whether they have run away or aged out, is one of the greatest challenges facing many caseworkers and child welfare professionals. Homeless youth providers are in a unique position to assist in these efforts because many are providing services to former foster youth or are familiar with where these youth congregate