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Ten Year Plan | August 2, 2006

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New Jersey’s vision is that every person has access to safe, decent, and affordable housing with comprehensive services that result in self-sufficiency and well being. The New Jersey State Policy Academy Team has developed a “Preliminary Action Plan to End Homelessness in New Jersey” to make this vision into a reality. The framework for this plan lies in five strategic priorities. They are:
  1. Develop and implement a systematic approach to collect quantitative and qualitative data to identify needs, gaps in services, and duplication of effort to end homelessness
  2. Improve system-wide coordination/accountability for housing and support services that are culturally competent at all levels of systems delivery for homeless individuals and families in New Jersey
  3. Increase opportunities that lead to permanent housing for homeless populations
  4. Increase knowledge, linkage and utilization of mainstream services to reduce and end homelessness
  5. Reduce reliance on hotel/motels as long-term housing for homeless persons

This plan was finalized on December 1, 2003.