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Las Vegas, Nevada

Ten Year Plan | August 2, 2006

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The City of Las Vegas Neighborhood Services Department 10-Year Planning Committee, in partnership with the Southern Nevada Regional Homeless and Housing Plan, has prepared “Homes for Homeless Nevadans: 10 Year Plan to Reduce Homelessness.” This plan serves two purposes: to outline ideas that will guide the city of Las Vegas in reducing and ending homelessness, and to support the Southern Nevada Regional Homeless and Housing Plan. The strategies outlined in the plan offer a comprehensive and different approach to addressing the homeless issue, they are:

  1. Promote Interagency Coordination of Human Service Delivery Programs
  2. Increase the Availability of Stable and Sustainable Housing
  3. Enhance Coordination between Non-Profit Organizations and Government
  4. Prevent Individuals and Families from Becoming Homeless
  5. Provide Seamless Client Services through Effective Partnerships
  6. Foster Self-Sufficiency Through access to Education, Training, and Employment Opportunities
  7. Facilitate the Transition from Homelessness through Intensive Case Management
  8. Increase Access to Medical, Dental and Vision Care Services
  9. Ensure the Availability of Basic Needs Services
  10. Improve Availability of Mental Health Services
  11. Improve Availability of Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
This plan was finalized in March of 2006.