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Albany, New York

Ten Year Plan | August 2, 2006

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In November 2005, the Albany County Ten Year Plan Executive Committee released the “Albany County 10 Year plan to End Homelessness.” The purpose of developing the plan was to bring together all available community resources in order to achieve a common goal. Six priority areas have been identified for the Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness:


  • Community involvement
  • Prevention-increase resources as the first line of defense in combating homelessness
  • Permanent housing-expand the availability of affordable permanent supportive housing-create additional rental subsidies/units for low-income families
  • Chronic homelessness-develop low-demand housing for chronically homeless, create day shelter, and increase outreach efforts
  • Increase income and employment opportunities,
  • Supportive and treatment services – strengthen community supports for homeless individuals and families
The plan implementation will be guided by 18 member executive committee.