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Norman, Oklahoma

Ten Year Plan | August 2, 2006

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ECHO 2015 (End Chronic Homelessness by 2015) was developed by the Mayor’s Committee on Chronic Homelessness and is the culmination of a six-month planning process. This Ten Year Plan focuses on provision of tiered housing solutions supported by a system of aggressive outreach and intervention in an environment of services resources including a day resource center with associated nutrition, shelter, and case management services; triage shelter; damp shelter; a Safe Haven; single room occupancy facilities; and supported permanent housing. ECHO 2015 will target chronic homelessness while impacting all types of homelessness over the next decade. These goals will be accomplished through a six-pronged approach:
  • Designation of an oversight entity that will be charged with responsibility for implementation of ECHO 2015
  • Planning for outcomes through collection of data on housing availability, financial information, service availability and measurement of outcomes.
  • Closing the front door to homelessness by intervening in the cycle of chronic homelessness and preventing individuals from being inappropriately discharged to untenable situations – such as nursing homes and shelters
  • Building the infrastructure of community participation, tiered housing solutions, and innovative, multi-faceted supportive services
  • Opening the back door to housing by offering an array of housing solutions in concert with appropriate supportive services coupled with follow-up supports to assure housing and self sufficiency is sustained.
  • Engaging the community with proactive positive public information and awareness training.