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Allegheny County, Pennslyvania

Ten Year Plan | August 2, 2006

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In response to The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness’s call for ten-year plans to end chronic homelessness across the nation, Allegheny County of Pennsylvania developed “Ending Homelessness Now: Creating New Partnerships for Change.” Eight recommendations were endorsed in the plan to be implemented over the next ten-year period. These recommendations include: 
  1. To reduce the number of homeless individuals and families entering the system;
  2. To increase the affordable housing supply that is accessible to the chronically homeless and homeless over the next ten years;
  3. To develop, implement, and maintain as long as there is a demonstrated need, a comprehensive approach to ending chronic homelessness;
  4. To improve how homeless consumers are accessing and receiving housing and or support services through the network;
  5. To co-locate homeless services within designated regional centers where a variety of community-related programs and opportunities for resources is the focal point;
  6. To develop short-term and long-term public awareness and education programs on homelessness;
  7. Establish a central repository for financial contributions from private sources;
  8. To advocate for comprehensive health and behavioral health services that are accessible, reliable and effective for people experiencing homelessness.
This plan was developed through the work of the Allegheny County Homeless Alliance in partnership with Allegheny County, the city of Pittsburgh, the city of McKeesport and the municipality of Penn Hills.