Performance Review and Ranking for Continuum of Care Projects


Toolkits | December 16, 2013

Files: Continuum of Care Policies and Procedures for Renewal Grants, Reallocation, and New Projects (DOC | 25.9 KB | 2 pages) Policies and Procedures for Continuum of Care Eligibility (DOC | 26.7 KB | 4 pages) Project Score Card (PDF | 138 kB | 2 pages) Ranking and Review Committee Policies and Procedures (DOC | 18.5 KB | 1 page)

Under the new Continuum of Care interim regulations, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is encouraging communities to evaluate programs and reallocate resources from poorly performing strategies and programs to permanent housing strategies, including permanent supportive housing and rapid re-housing. It is important that Continuums of Care have a transparent process to make strategic decisions about how to reallocate, prioritize and tier projects within their continuum. The Community Alliance for the Homelessness in Memphis, TN has developed the following tools, including policies and procedures for program eligibility and performance, and a scorecard to measure performance and rank projects within their continuum of care. For more information, you can contact Katie Kitchin, Executive Director of the Community Alliance for the Homeless.