Prevention and Diversion Toolkit


Toolkits | August 28, 2013

Prevention and shelter diversion assistance can help communities reduce the size of their homeless population. Prevention assistance can aid households in preserving their current housing situation; shelter diversion assists households in finding housing outside of shelter while they receive services to stabilize their housing or help them move into permanent housing. Each of these strategies can reduce the number of people entering the homeless assistance system and the demand for shelter and other programmatic housing beds.


This toolkit is designed to support communities as they plan, develop and implement a solid program to prevent homelessness. It also serves as a companion to the Coordinated Assessment Toolkit. The Alliance encourages communities to link prevention and diversion efforts with their coordinated assessment process to create an integrated, system-wide “front door” to the homeless assistance system. This toolkit contains the following sections:

Program Planning and Design
Assessment and Targeting
Community Examples and Materials