Qualitative Assessment Tool


Toolkits | November 5, 2010

This tool is designed to help your community assess the quality of homelessness assistance. It consists of questionnaires for three key stakeholders:

This version of the survey was designed for consumers—formerly homeless or currently homeless individuals.
Download this tool here.

Community leaders and executive directors
This version of the survey is designed for leadership-level members in the homelessness system, such as executive directors of provider agencies, political leaders and community leaders.
Download this tool here.

Direct service provider
This version of the survey is designed for staff members and volunteers of provider agencies that work “on the ground” with homeless families, including program directors, team leaders, case managers and the like.
Download this tool here.

Survey Analysis Tool
This documents outlines some of the answers you should be examining particularly closely to ensure you accurately assess your community’s overall performance and HEARTH readiness.
Download this tool here.

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The surveys and analysis were developed by the Center for Capacity Building at the National Alliance to End Homelessness in conjunction with the OrgCode Consulting, Inc.