Qualitative Assessment Tool: Direct Service Provider Survey


Toolkits | November 5, 2010

Files: PDF | 134 KB | 9 pages

This version of the survey is designed for staff members and volunteers of provider agencies that work “on the ground” with homeless families, including program directors, team leaders, case managers and the like. This assessment will ask various questions about your homelessness system and your opinions regarding it. Your answers will be aggregated with those of other users in your system. Please answer each question on the assessment and take all the time you need to answer each question accurately, from your perspective. Note that some questions refer to your community, others to your organization, and still others directly to you. Also, note that the survey refers to “consumers” which is an all-encompassing and general term to capture the ways in which various organizations may refer to the people they work with and serve, including: clients, service users, program participants, guests, tenants, persons with lived experience, etc.