Rapid Re-housing


Conference Presentation | February 15, 2008

Files: Duncan Plaza Homeless Re-Housing Initiative by Martha Kegel (PPT | 79 KB | 11 pages) Handout from Martha Kegel: Agencies find lodging for homeless in plaza from The Times-Picayune (PDF | 739 KB | 1 page) \"Housing First for Homeless Families by Tanya Tull (PPT | 45 KB | 12 pages) Coordinating Multiple Homeless Interventions in a Rural Community by Kathleen Wahto (PPT | 10 MB | 24 pages) Handout from Sharon McDonald: Rapid Re-housing (PDF | 40 KB | 4 pages)

Helping families experiencing homelessness to quickly re-access permanent housing and offering them home-based case management services following a housing placement has contributed to declines in family homelessness.  This workshop examined the key elements of rapid re-housing programs, including how they operate, how to fund them, and how to know if they are successful.