Rapid Re-Housing Clinic, Parts I and II


Webinar | September 6, 2011

Files: RRH Clinic 1 | PPTX | 28 pages RRH Clinic 2 | PPTX | 25 pages

The week of August 29, 2011, the Alliance concluded a two-part series of webinars on rapid re-housing. These interactive webinars allowed participants to ask questions and respond to polls given by the presenters.

The first part of the series (RRH 1) covered the basics of rapid re-housing, including the definition, tips on working with landlords, and a discussion of housing barriers; the second part (RRH 2) focused on rapid re-housing program design and implementation and included a discussion of program budgeting, staffing, and available funding sources.

Both PowerPoint presentations are available below.