Rapid Re-Housing Role-Playing Game


Other | September 3, 2013

Files: Overview and Facilitator Instructions (DOCX | 19 KB | 3 pages) Role Card: Family #1 (DOCX | 17 KB | 2 pages) Role Card: Family #2 (DOCX | 17 KB | 1 page) Role Card: Family #3 (DOCX | 17 KB | 1 page) Role Card: Housing Locator (DOCX | 18 KB | 2 pages) Role Card: Landlord (DOCX | 20 KB | 5 pages) Role Card: Observer ( DOCX | 18 KB | 3 pages) Role Card: Rapid Re-Housing Case Manager (DOCX | 17 KB | 2 pages) Role Card: Shelter Case Manager (DOCX | 19 KB | 2 pages)

This game is a simulation of rapid re-housing. The simulation is designed to mimic the rapid re-housing and housing stabilization process. It has two major parts, simulating the process of helping somebody get into housing and simulating a housing stabilization plan.

This game is used by the Center for Capacity Building as part of longer trainings on rapid re-housing, after participants have been introduced to the basics of the model. It is used to help illustrate how rapid re-housing is beneficial and explore the different roles involved.

In the video below, Kay Moshier McDivitt discusses how the role play game was utilized in the Alliance's Rapid Re-Housing Learning Collaborative


There are eight roles involved in the game. They are:

  • Family #1;
  • Family #2;
  • Family #3;
  • Housing Locator;
  • Landlord;
  • Observer;
  • Rapid Re-Housing Case Manager; and
  • Shelter Case Manager.

A role card for each of these is available for download above, in addition to an Overview document for the facilitator.Some of the roles cards have attached score sheets. When printing the roles, staple or paperclip the appropriate score sheets to the appropriate roles.

Time required

We recommend one and a half hours for the entire session, with a minimum of 60 minutes for the exercise and at least 30 minutes for debriefing.  Each interview should be allotted six to eight minutes.

Room Setup

Because this is a group exercise, round tables where groups of eight will be able to work together are recommended.

For further instructions, download the overview document, above.