Rapid Re-Housing Successes


Interactive Tool | May 24, 2012

View Rapid Re-Housing: Ending Family Homelessness in a larger map

The Alliance is collecting data on the effects of rapid re-housing programs on communities across the country. We have launched the Rapid Re-Housing: Ending Family Homelessness Map which highlights areas in which communities were able to successfully place families in permanent housing at encouraging levels. The map describes the number of families affected, the average cost of assistance, and the positive results stemming from that assistance. The goal of the map is to display the progress rapid re-housing programs are making across the country and to encourage local communities to share the results with key stakeholders, decision makers, and policymakers so they can understand the tremendous impact these programs have had and can continue to have with sufficient resources. If you would like to provide rapid re-housing data from your community, please contact Sharon McDonald at smcdonald@naeh.org.