Rapid Re-Housing Webinars


Webinar | April 6, 2016

Below are recent full length webinars delving into various topics on rapid re-housing. Short (10 to 15 minute) online training modules on rapid re-housing are also availible here.

Shared Housing as a Solution for Single Adults Experiencing Homelessness | JULY 13, 2016

Jean-Michel Giraud, Friendship Place; Cathy Zall, New London Homeless Hospitality Center; and Meghann Cotter, Micah Ministries, discussed how they are using shared housing as a tool to prevent and end homelessness, particularly for single adults.  

Rapid Re-Housing Performance Evaluation and Improvement Toolkit  | JUNE 28, 2016

Learn how to use your program or system data on rapid re-housing to evaluate and improve services. In this webinar Iain de Jong, of OrgCode Consulting, and Jerrianne Anthony, of Northern Virginia Family Services, discusses the three metrics you need to evaluate rapid re-housing performance and how to translate your data into action.  

Lessons Learned from Dayton, OH | JUNE 15, 2016

On June 14, Tina Patterson, CEO of Homefull in Dayton, OH, discussed the effectiveness of rapid re-housing for various populations in her community, including 100% positive exits and 0% recidivism for families, and 87% positive exits and 12% recidivism among single adults, including those considered most vulnerable.  She describes key strategies that Homefull uses for each of the three core components and an innovative employment program that benefits rapid re-housing participants as well as landlords.

Transforming Homeless Services in West Virginia  | MAY 10, 2016

Zach Brown, Executive Director of the West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness, discusses the impact rapid re-housing has had on his community’s homeless population. He also discusses the implementation of rapid re-housing in rural areas as well as the cultural shift from a transitional housing to a rapid re-housing model.

Closing a Case: Knowing When to End Rapid Re-Housing Assistance | April 27, 2016

Determining the right time to end assistance and close a case is one of the hardest decisions a service provider must make. On April 27th at Ben Noll from Friendship Place presented on tools and strategies providers can use to help prepare both themselves and consumers for the transition away from financial and/or case management assistance.

Rapid Re-Housing Performance Benchmarks and Program Standards | MARCH 24, 2016

Are you looking for additional guidance on how to incorporate the new guidelines or a good, simple breakdown of what they mean? If so, this webinar is for you. Alliance staff Samantha Batko, Director of the Homelessness Research Institute and Cynthia Nagendra, Director for the Center for Capacity Building walk through the three core components of rapid re-housing and the most promising practices for building an effective program.

Transforming Homeless Services in Jacksonville, Florida | MARCH 9, 2016

Chief Executive Officer Dawn Gilman of Changing Homelessness and Will Evans, Vice President of Housing and Supportive Services, Community Connections lead a discussion and share how Jacksonville reallocated its transitional housing to rapid re-housing and the impact it has had on the community's homeless population. They also discuss coordinated entry, the use of various funding streams to support rapid re-housing, and the cultural shift from a transitional housing to a rapid re-housing model.

Transforming Homeless Services in Pierce County, Washington | FEBRUARY 22, 2016

Reallocating transitional housing to rapid re-housing is not easy, but the impact of doing so can be powerful. This webinar examines how Pierce County, Washington conducted an extensive assessment of the county's homeless service system and determined that with no new funds, rapid re-housing was the answer to serving more households and better outcomes.

Transforming Homeless Service Systems in Spokane, Wash. | OCTOBER 20, 2015

Starting in 2012, Spokane, Wash. transformed their family homeless service system to focus on increasing exits to permenent housing. In the webinar, speakers discussed the policy shifts that Spokane has made, how the city altered the role of transitional housing programs, and the impact these changes have had on family homelessness. This webinar features speakers from the city and two homeless service organizations in Spokane. 

Rapid Re Housing - Serving Youth and Young Adults | JULY 30, 2015

In this webinar, Bill Motsavage with Valley Youth House discusses the lessons they have learned while helping youth connect to housing through the Core Components of Rapid Re-Housing, including financial assitance, case management, and housing identification strategies. He also discussed the benefits of expanding overall capacity to serve homeless youth.

Tailoring Rapid Re-Housing for Serving Single Adults | JUNE 24, 2015

This webinar discusses how to fund and tailor rapid re-housing to serve single adults. Panelists discuss what is different about serving this population as opposed to families and the impact it is having in their communities in a Q&A style format. Speakers include Kelly King Horne with Homeward in Richmond, Virginia; Jean-Michel Giraud with Friendship Place in Washington, D.C.; and Cathy Zall with New London Homeless Hospitality Center, in New London, Connecticut. The webinar was moderated by Jayme Day with the National Alliance to End Homelessness. 

Ramping Up Rapid Re Housing in Houston Harris County and San Francisco | MAY 19, 2015

In this webinar, speakers described citywide efforts in Houston/Harris County, TX to expand and redesign the rapid re-housing system and the efforts of Hamilton Family Center in San Francisco, CA to improve the functioning of the city's homeless service system and eradicate waiting lists by increasing rapid re-housing capacity for families.

Rapid Re-Housing: Taking It To Scale | APRIL 14, 2015

This webinar focuses on how to ramp up rapid re-housing. Kathy Robertson with the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development discusses how Virginia reduced homelessness by investing in rapid re-housing, while Sharon McDonald provides tips for communities looking to increase their rapid re-housing. This webinar also describes how to build political will to transform their system, reallocate resources, and improve system performance.

Rapid Re-Housing Spotlight Communities: Mercer, NJ and Los Angeles | MARCH 11, 2015

This webinar highlighted the rapid re-housing strategies of Mercer County (Trenton), NJ, and Los Angeles. During the webinar leaders from these communities discussed how they have significantly expanded their capacity to rapidly re-house families. The speakers also highlighted the strategies they used to develop a coordinated entry system, expand rapid re-housing, lessons learned along the way, and the impact the shift has made in their larger homeless service system.

Core Components of Rapid Re-Housing - Case Management and Services | FEBRUARY 11, 2015

This webinar features Kay Moshier McDivitt with the Alliance; Vera Beech with Community Rebuilders in Grand Rapids, MI;  and Kimberly Tucker with St. Joseph's Villa in Richmond, VA. It discusses what makes rapid re-housing case management different, and provides core principals for rapid re-housing case managers to adopt. Speakers discuss different staff roles, training strategies, and outcomes. 

Core Components of Rapid Re-Housing - Rent and Move in Assistance | JANUARY 14, 2015

In this webinar features Kris Freed with LA Family Housing in Los Angeles, CA; Robin Meyer with Northwest Youth Services in Bellingham, WA; and Melanie Zamora with The Road Home in Salt Lake City, UT. Speakers discuss how to provide financial assistance in a rapid re-housing program, including strategies for high cost housing markets, blending funding streams, and progressive engagement. 

Rapid Re-Housing Core Component: Housing Identification | DECEMBER 10, 2014

This weinbar features Gwen McQueeny with Northern Virginia Family Services in Manassas, VA and Vivian Wan with ABODE Services in Alameda, CA. Speakers discuss how to effectively recruit landlords to end to rapid re-housing clients, staff competencies and structures, and tips for rapid re-housing in high cost rental markets.

Rapid Re-Housing for High Barrier Households | AUGUST 14, 2014 

This webinar recording focuses on the essential elements of rapidly re-housing homeless families and individuals with high barriers to housing with little to no income. Alliance Technical Assistance Specialist Kay Moshier McDivitt reviews national data on success with this population, as well as the core components of rapid re-housing.

Home-based Voluntary Services: Preparing Your Staff | JUNE 19, 2013

This webinar discusses home-based case management and voluntary services as part of rapid re-housing programs, and how to prepare staff for this role. It was originally held for participants in the Virginia Learning Collaboratives. It features Vera Beech from Community Rebuilders in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Kimberly Tucker from Flagler House in Richmond, VA, and was moderated by Kay Moshier McDivitt from the National Alliance to End Homelessness.