Sample Learning Collaborative Agenda for First Meeting


Other | November 13, 2013

Files: Sample Learning Collaborative Agenda for First Meeting (DOCX | 21.7 KB | 1 page)

This is a sample agenda for the first meeting of a Rapid Re-Housing Learning Collaborative. The agenda can also be downloaded by clicking the link above. The PowerPoint presentation for this meeting is also availible here.

Learning Collaborative Session One 


1.       Welcome and Introductions

2.       Rapid Re-Housing Role Play Game

3.       Presentation: Overview of Best Practice in Rapid Re-Housing

4.       Establish Learning Collaborative Goals

a.       Small Group Activity

5.       Organizational Team Work: Program Review and Revisions

a.      Eligibility Tools

b.      Barrier Assessment

c.      Housing Search; Landlord Recruitment

6.       Morning Debrief


7.       Organizational Team Work – Program Review and Revisions

a.      Financial Assistance

b.      Follow Up Case Management

c.      Outcomes

d.      Other (Review Termination Policy, Job Descriptions, etc.)

8.       Afternoon Debrief


9.       Organizational Team Work: Develop Aggressive Goals and Action Plans

a.      Identify 30, 60, and 90 Day Deliverables

b.      Small Group Report Back to Large Group

10.   Technical Assistance

11.   Next Steps

a.      Establish Dates for: Team Leader Call and Metrics Reporting

b.      Share the First Step You Will Take

12.   Wrap-Up and Closure