Sample Prevention and Diversion Assessment Tool


Solutions Brief | March 21, 2012

Files: Prevention Diversion Assessment Tool | DOC | 1 page

This assessment tool, based on Minneapolis/Hennepin County, Minnesota’s and Columbus, Ohio’s assessment forms, will be of use to communities attempting to determine if a household needs prevention or diversion assistance. This should be administered as soon as a household comes into an assessment center to determine if they will need shelter or if they can be assisted and housed without having to enter the homeless assistance system. The prevention segment of this tool should be tweaked based on the community’s data on its sheltered population. Prevention assistance should be targeted to those households that most closely resemble the households already in shelter. For more information on prevention targeting, please see the Alliance’s paper, Prevention Targeting 101. For more on what shelter diversion is and what the benefits of it are, please read Closing the Front Door: Creating a Successful Diversion Program for Homeless Families.