Sample Site Visit Agenda


National Alliance to End Homelessness

Toolkits | December 1, 2010

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You can work the agenda items into the conversation as the senator/representative tours a program facility, OR you can do a separate presentation before or after the tour is completed.

Welcome and Introductions

The Problem

    How does homelessness affect your local community?
  • What obstacles to ending homelessness is the community facing?

The Solution

  • How has the community come together to tackle the problem of homelessness?
  • What innovative programs or partnerships do you have?
  • What outcomes do you have?
  • Provide a perspective from a client/consumer/tenant.

Specific Policy Request and Role of the Federal Government

  • Ask for something specific here. The point is to give the policy request a human face by showing the programs and people that these policies affect.

Response from the Member

  • You should make sure that the staff has prepared the Member with what to say. You can suggest what you would like the Member to say.

Closing and Summary