Service Enriched Housing


Audio | August 10, 2006

Affordable housing developers are increasingly incorporating residential services for their tenants in housing developments. Services are typically designed to promote the social and economic well-being of tenants (and on occasion nearby residents) by offering education, child care, recreation, social and employment programs, and activities. Service coordinators may be on-site or off-site and provide crisis intervention, help negotiate delivery of services by mainstream providers, and help families access more specialized services from community providers. While not usually targeted to families or individuals that have experienced homelessness, service enriched housing can be an effective tool to prevent homelessness. Further, families exiting homeless shelters may benefit from residing in a housing development that offers support and enriching services for all family members. This audio conference explores the growth of resident services in affordable housing developments and the potential for collaboration between service-enriched housing models, homeless providers, and advocates preventing and ending homelessness.