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Best Practice | August 11, 2006

Not your typical job training program 

·         Technical Job Training Programs

·         Fragile Families Initiative For Men

·         Rites of Passage Program For Men & Women

·         STRIVE Training Academy


STRIVE, one of the several privately owned job training programs in New York City has a history of securing employment for the hard-to-employ.  Its strategy includes a network of 18 job training sites in four cities including New York, Boston, Chicago, and Pittsburgh; 30 job trainers interacting with about 1,000 employers annually.  Strive also works with clients after placement to insure their continual success.  Since its inception in 1984 the program has employed a two step process of helping people find employment and attain self sufficiency.  Technical job training focuses in three career fields: telecommunications, financial services, and environment-technology/automotive technician.  STRIVE’s Fragile Families Initiative for men is a parenting/manhood development course designed to inhance young fathers sense of responsibility.  The Rites of Passage Programs are an attempt to support and promote the safe and positive development of men and women into responsible adulthood.  STRIVE Training Academy is a program designed to train other leaders on STRIVE’s program techniques, philosophy, and program design and training techniques.  Primarily private funded with the exception of several federal grants, STRIVE enjoys the flexibility of running its own program with its own policies. 

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