Systems Planning: New Research and Implications for Targeting Resources


Conference Presentation | February 15, 2008

Files: Home Again: Targeting Resources for Homeless Families by Heather Lyons (PPT | 808 KB | 16 pages) Systems Planning: New Research & Implications for Targeting Resources by Barbara Poppe (PPT | 573 KB | 13 pages) Handout from Ruth Schwartz: Studies by Shelter Partnership, Inc. (PDF | 14 KB | 1 page) Testing a Typology of Family Homelessness by Dennis Culhane (PPT | 24 KB | 24 pages)

New research examining patterns of family shelter use is raising questions about how communities should allocate homeless assistance resources.  This advanced workshop for public and community leaders examined new research on shelter utilization and highlight strategies communities are using to target resources more efficiently and achieve better system-wide outcomes.