The Alliance Remembers Robert Hohler


Other | June 7, 2011

Bob Hohler, Executive Director of the Melville Charitable Trust, passed away suddenly while hiking with his family in England last Thursday, June 2.

For two decades Mr. Hohler worked tirelessly and gracefully behind the scenes to help establish the Melville Trust as a courageous leader in the philanthropic community, moving the country toward a solution to homelessness. He was also the Chairman of the Board and a founder of Funders Together to End Homelessness; and a leader on the boards of several nonprofits in Connecticut with which the Melville Trust is involved.

Prior to his role at Melville, Mr. Hohler enjoyed a long career as an activist in the civil rights and anti-war movements, as a lay minister, and as an anti-poverty fighter. A native of South Boston, he grew up in extreme poverty, leading him to understand first-hand the struggles of those he set out to help.

Mr. Hohler did his work with a keen commitment to justice, and an equally strong commitment to concrete results. He never shied away from honest anger, but was always ready to extend a hand. His tireless work, his positive outlook, and his concern for everyone who is part of this movement made him a hero. Hundreds of thousand of Americans, living tonight in modest apartments instead of on the streets and in shelters, testify to the strength of his legacy. His legacy will inspire us, in memory, to never quit.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, the Melville family, and to all who will feel a gap in our lives and our work at the loss. We will all do our best to live by his example and fill that gap.

For more information about Bob Hohler, please see the obituary in the Connecticut Mirror.