The Road Home: Questions and Answers from February 2010 Webinar on Using HPRP and TANF to Re-House F


The Road Home, Salt Lake City

Best Practice | February 23, 2010

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This document contains answers to questions asked during the February 2010 webinar, "Adopting a Housing First Approach: Using HPRP and TANF to Re-House Families in Salt Lake City, UT."

Answered questions include:

  • How were the landlord negotiators found and trained?
  • How many caseworkers do you have in your program and what is your caseload to client ratio?
  • Do you provide funds directly to the family or to the landlord?
  • What do you do about the shortage of affordable housing?
  • Why does the Housing Placement Approved stage take 1-6 weeks to happen?
  • How did most people react to being re-housed to a unit that was smaller when they had been living in a larger unit?
  • If you have already provided clients with the financial assistance upfront, can you describe how you are able to get them to follow through with case management?
  • Have you considered using the FTC model in family case plans?
  • How have you dealt with the individuals who are at the beginning stages of applying for benefits, and are in the process of losing their current housing?