Win, Win: Working with Your PHA


Conference Presentation | July 11, 2007

Files: The Housing Authority and Atlanta's Regional Commission on Homelessness by Paul Bolster (PPT | 240 KB | 22 pages) Working With Your Public Housing Authority: A Case Study of Los Angeles by Ruth Schwartz (PPT | 212 KB | 18 pages) Win, Win: Working with your PHA by Debbie Thiele (PPT | 610 KB | 7 pages)

After a period of declining resources, many Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) have more resources to serve all populations of homeless people, including families, youth, veterans, and people with disabilities. This workshop was intended for homeless assistance providers, who learned not only how to acquire more housing resources for their clients, but also how they as providers can help PHAs be more effective, creating a mutually beneficial partnership.