Working with Landlords to Find Housing


Conference Presentation | February 26, 2008

Files: Working with Landlords to Find Housing: The Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Experience by Kay Moshier McDivitt (PPT | 66 KB | 12 pages) Working with Landlords to Find Housing: Using Master-Leased Apartments As Short-Term Housing by Ryan Macy-Hurley (PPT | 735 KB | 21 pages) Handout from Ryan Macy-Hurley: Alternatives to Shelter in Ending Family Homelessness (PDF | 863 KB | 13 pages)

With the increasing focus on helping homeless people obtain permanent housing, providers have come up with creative ways to locate affordable housing and entice landlords to become partners.  This workshop is for anyone involved in helping homeless families move into private market housing.  Workshop speakers described the strategies they use when working with landlords and provide suggestions on how to find affordable housing in your community.