Alliance T-Shirts & Gifts That Give Back

This holiday season please consider giving a gift that gives back automatically. When you purchase these items you are also supporting our work and making a difference!

End Homelessness t-shirts

"End Homelessness" t-shirts (pictured in navy) make great gifts and send the message that ending homelessness is possible. Short sleeve shirts are $20 plus shipping and come in both unisex and female cuts, navy blue and maroon colors, and a variety of sizes (XS to XXXXL). Long sleeve shirts are also available for $30 plus shipping, but are only available in navy blue and come in a smaller selection of sizes (S - XL). Shipping costs will be confirmed with the purchaser when order is recieved. Shipping costs will be determined by the size of the order.

Orders can be placed by contacting Michelle Fantone via email or phone at 202-942-8241. When placing an order, please include the following information:

• Size and quantity of the t-shirt/s that you would like to purchase,
• Name and mailing address of the person you would like the shirts mailed to, and
• Your preferred method of payment. Payments can be made by check or credit card; the Alliance accepts both Visa and Mastercard. If you would like to pay by credit card, please call Michelle Fantone at 202-942-8241 with your credit card information. For security reasons, please do not put your credit information in the email.

*Orders placed before December 13th can be delivered by December 24th. 

Good Cause Greetings

With Good Cause Greetings and over 30 designs to choose from, you are sure to find that special card for your holiday mailing, with your purchase benefiting the Alliance.The back of each card features the Alliance logo, mission and contact information, and a portion of the purchase price is donated back to the Alliance.  

LeDanse Limited Edition Jewelry 

Artist Scott Lesh creates beautiful pieces using copper that was once the roof of a historic building. By donating a portion of his proceeds to support the Alliance’s programs Mr. Lesh hopes to, “participate in a kind of social poetry whereby the removal and transformation of one roof serves to place a roof over the heads of people in need.” Shop for limited edition products today by visiting the LeDanse website.


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