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There is no better strategy for impacting federal policy than advocacy. Join our efforts.

Members of Congress are much more likely to focus on ending homelessness if they understand how it affects people and programs back at home. The more they hear from constituents about how programs are preventing and ending homelessness in their district, the more likely they are to act.

It's up to us to convince our Members of Congress to take action! Learn more about our advocacy efforts and what you can do to make sure that adequate federal investments are made in affordable housing and homelessness assistance. 



Library Resources

Advocacy Resource | September 5, 2014
This report includes an overview of Capitol Hill Day 2014, a review of some of the key offices with which advocates met, and a summary of the impact that participants’ meetings have already had on federal policy.
Advocacy Resource | April 21, 2014
Advocates from across the country met with Members of Congress on Capitol Hill Day, July 31, 2014, and urged them to make ending homelessness a federal priority.
Webinar | January 2, 2014
In this recording of a webinar that originally streamed on December 17, 2013, speakers cover the major points of the FY 2013 Continuum of Care NOFA and discuss how prospective grantees should address their community's tiering and application processes