Federal Homelessness Appropriations

Each year, Congress passes a budget, allocating funds to federal programs, including housing and homelessness programs. This page explains where Congress is in the process and includes funding levels for key programs.


The President released his fiscal year (FY) 2015 Budget Proposal on Tuesday, March 4. The Murray-Ryan Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 set the topline spending levels, or 302(a) allocations, for both FY 2014 and FY 2015. In early May, the House released their 302(b) funding levels for each of the twelve Senate appropriations subcommittees to work within to fund programs under their jurisdictions, which you can find here. On Thursday, May 20, the Senate released their 302(b) allocations, which would provide significantly more funding to HUD programs than the House would; you can find these funding levels here.

Most House appropriations subcommittees drafted and marked up their FY 2015 appropriations bills, and many were marked up by the full House Appropriations Committee. The full House passed seven appropriations bills: the Transportation Housing and Urban Development bill, the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs bill, the Legislative Branch bill, the Commerce/Justice/Science bill, the Defense bill, the Energy & Water bill, and the Financial Services bill. Many Senate appropriations subcommittees also drafted and marked up their spending bills, and some were marked up by the full Senate Appropriations Committee, but none passed through the chamber. 

Since Congress was not able to finalize FY 2015 funding via the regular appropriations process in time for the start of the fiscal year, a continuing resolution (CR), or stopgap funding measure, was passed to fund the government at FY 2014 levels through December 11. At this point, Congress will either need to pass an omnibus spending bill finalizing FY 2015 funding, or pass another short- or long-term CR to keep the government funded.

The FY 2015 Discretionary Homelessness Budget Chart represents various funding levels (FY 2014 enacted, and proposed by the President for FY 2015). Please note that blank spaces indicate that this information is not yet available. Programs marked with a + represent new programs proposed in the President's Budget Proposal.


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