The Alliance is a leading voice on the issue of homelessness. We provide information on the nature and causes of the problem - as well as the strategies necessary to end homelessness.
  • Chronic Homelessness
    Chronic homelessness is defined as long-term or repeated homelessness, often coupled with a disability.
  • Families
    About 220,000 people in families are homeless. Rapid re-housing and prevention are two strategies to avert and end their homelessness.
  • Veterans Overview
    In 2010, the Obama Administration committed to ending veteran homelessness in the U.S. by the end of 2015. Since then, there has been a 25 percent decrease in the number of homeless veterans.
  • Youth
    About 50,000 youth in the U.S. sleep on the street for six months or more. Homeless youth face unique developmental challenges and vulnerability.
  • Rural Homelessness
    About 7 percent of the homeless population lives in rural areas. Access to resources tends to be more limited in rural or mostly rural areas.
  • Domestic Violence
    Domestic violence survivors make up about 12 percent of the sheltered homeless population.
  • Health Care
    Stable housing and supportive services are critical to help people experiencing homelessness move toward recovery.
  • Re-Entry
    Discharge planning is a key element of preventing homelessness for people re-entering the community.
  • Economic Security
    For people experiencing homelessness, a stable source of income and opportunities to build assets are necessary for securing and maintaining housing.