Job Opportunities

The Alliance is currently seeking candidates to fill the following positions:

Program and Policy Analyst

Director of Capacity Building

Program and Policy Analyst

Job Description

The Program and Policy Analyst (“Analyst”) works to shape and implement aspects of the Alliance’s efforts to end homelessness.  In recent years there has been increased innovation and support for ending homelessness, using proven strategies and working across sectors.  Congress, the Administration, and many states and communities are committed to this work, and there is an on-going federal policy effort to ensure that the housing and services needed are available.  The Analyst will be a key part of the effort to achieve this goal.

In doing so, the Analyst will concentrate on the following:

Identify practices at the programmatic and local/state systems level that have the greatest potential for reducing homelessness. This is accomplished by becoming familiar with research, and developing relationships with people working on homelessness and related issues both at the national level and around the country.

Analyze these practices to determine their value, and the keys to their success. 

Promote the practices:

  1. Educate the field about the value of these practices. The Analyst will write descriptions and analyses of practices, participate in planning conferences where they are discussed, and otherwise educate particular constituencies and the general public.
  2. Build alliances around expansion of their use.  The Analyst will recruit partners who will support this work, concentrating on how solutions to homelessness are helpful to a range of interests.
  3. Identify opportunities for their expansion.  The Analyst will pay particular attention to how solutions to homelessness can help solve other emergent problems or fit in to others’ agendas.
  4. Promote federal policies that incentivize and support adoption of these practices.  The Analyst works with Congress and the Administration to develop and promote helpful policies. Priority policies are those that incentivize the use of good practices at the state and local level, and provide funding and other kinds of support for those practices. The Alliance works to keep homelessness a bipartisan issue.

The Analyst works within the Alliance’s Program and Policy division.  S/he works closely with other staff who focus on different aspects of homelessness.   

 The Analyst will have and/or develop expertise in specific topics related to homelessness. The Alliance will be hiring two people as Analysts over the coming months. The substantive specialties of the new Analysts will depend on their interests and backgrounds, and how they mesh with those of other people already on the Alliance’s staff.


  • Identify, disseminate information on, and promote effective local practices, state and local policies, and broader collaborative initiatives that are intended to prevent and end homelessness.
  • Develop and advance policy agendas with the goal of ending homelessness.
  • Represent the Alliance on public policy issues related to ending homelessness, working with Congress, the Administration and coalitions.  At least initially, the focus will be on homelessness among childless adults.
  • Participate in internal processes to develop and articulate Alliance positions on issues related to ending homelessness.
  • Contribute articles, blog posts and other written materials to the Alliance Online News, website, and social media outlets.
  • Develop workshops at the Alliance’s annual conference.
  • Participate in other activities of the Program and Policy team.


  • Demonstrated commitment to and interest in issues related to homelessness and/or poverty.
  • Demonstrated ability to conceptualize, initiate, and implement tasks. Personal initiative is important.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Working knowledge of federal and Congressional procedures, knowledge of federal poverty programs (particularly those related to homelessness).
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, plus at least five years relevant experience.  Experience working with homeless people or on homelessness issues will be of particular relevance. Education requirement may be replaced by three or more years of additional relevant work experience. Graduate degree in a field related to this work is a plus.
  • Strongly preferred: experience/knowledge of one or more public systems related to homelessness, people with disabilities and/or poverty in the United States.

Reports to: Vice President for Programs and Policy

Classification: Full time, Regular, Exempt

To apply, please send cover letter, résumé, and two relevant writing samples to and include Policy and Program Analyst in the subject line.


Director of Capacity Building

Position Description

The Director of Capacity Building leads the Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building, which helps communities implement policies and practices that are demonstrated to prevent and end homelessness. The Director is responsible for working with Alliance and Center staff to determine the priority areas for Center capacity-building activity; seeking contracts and grants to support this activity; managing the delivery of capacity-building assistance; and evaluating the impact of such assistance. 

 A growing body of evidence points to specific practices that help communities reduce homelessness. At present, these practices include rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing, and a focus on data and performance.   The Center currently develops toolkits and other technical assistance products, produces specialized tools to analyze data and outcomes, conducts trainings and clinics, and provides customized consulting assistance. These products and events help communities replicate and adapt policies and strategies that have proven successful at reducing homelessness.

The Capacity Building Director will develop and maintain an agenda of specific work for the Center, based on a broad understanding of the needs of the homeless services community, on emerging evidence of current and future successful strategies, and on the resources available to support the Center’s activities.   Based on the agenda and requests for support from communities across the country, the Director will initiate, plan, and coordinate numerous capacity building projects, working with a small staff (currently three positions in addition to the Director). The Director will also research policies and practices used by communities and translate that research into written products, both print and electronic, as well as training curriculums. The Director will work collaboratively with research and policy staff at the Alliance as well as other consultants and technical assistance providers.

The Alliance is a dynamic organization that values personal initiative and expects all staff to participate in and contribute to the planning and execution of its work. The Director will need to work well independently.

For more on the Alliance’s capacity building efforts, see

Position Summary

Specific Responsibilities

The Director of Capacity Building is responsible for:

  • Strategic planning to establish the Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building as a key resource for communities wishing to implement core strategies that prevent and end homelessness. Such strategies currently encompass housing, service delivery,  systems change and data analysis.
  • Prioritizing the areas in which the Center will deliver assistance.   
  • Seeking (in conjunction with other Alliance staff) grants and contracts to support the delivery of the Center’s services, marketing the Center’s services, and responding to and managing requests for the Center’s services.
  • Developing models for delivery of training and technical assistance.
  • Developing training and technical assistance programs and materials in conjunction with other Alliance staff.
  • Delivering training and technical assistance.
  • Ensuring the management of logistics for the provision of training and technical assistance.
  • Supervising Center staff who deliver training and technical assistance.
  • Developing systems to track training and technical assistance needs as well as the impact and outcomes of delivery of training and technical assistance.
  • Assisting the Alliance, federal agencies, and national technical assistance providers in conceptualizing system change and the training and technical assistance materials needed to accomplish system change.
  • Managing collaborative relationships with other organizations that provide training and technical assistance.
  • Identifying consultants and independent trainers and technical assistance providers who may supplement the work of the Center.
  • Matching up communities that have training and TA needs with Alliance training and TA programs, or with other  consultants and providers.
  • Creating and maintaining knowledge and information sharing bodies such as the Alliance Capacity Building Network. 
  • Other responsibilities as determined by the President of the Alliance, including assisting with Alliance activities such as conferences and publications.

Essential Skills and Experience

The successful candidate will show five to seven years of:

  • Demonstrated commitment to ending homelessness.
  • Management, evaluation or design of human service and/or housing programs or systems; or other similar experience
  • Familiarity with best practices in homelessness such as rapid re-housing, coordinated assessment, data analysis, and performance measurement.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide training and technical assistance, manage the delivery of training and technical assistance programs and develop models for delivery of training and technical assistance.
  • Demonstrated ability to conceptualize, initiate, and implement tasks and to set and manage realistic goals, organize professionals, and complete multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Demonstrated project management and knowledge transfer skills.
  • Supervisory experience

Location: The Director will work at the Alliance’s office in Washington, DC.

Supervised by: Vice President of Program and Policy

Supervises:         Technical Assistance Specialists

Classification:    Full time regular exempt

To Apply please send résumé, cover letter, and two writing samples to  and include Capacity Building Director in subject line.


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