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Senior Technical Assistance Specialist

The Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building is a team that helps jurisdictions design and implement strategies that will reduce the number of homeless people. It focuses on community-wide strategies, such as: how homeless assistance systems in a community are designed; how performance is measured and rewarded; how homeless people are prioritized for assistance; how best practices are adopted; how homeless assistance interacts with mainstream housing, health, and service systems; and the cost-effectiveness of assistance.

The Center provides customized consulting, strategic planning, and implementation assistance. It conducts trainings and clinics. To support this work (and to share with other TA providers and the public), it develops tools, toolkits, other technical assistance products. These products and events help communities replicate and adapt strategies that have proven successful at reducing homelessness.

The Alliance is a mission-driven organization. While the Center for Capacity Building is dependent upon contracts and grants, it selects its projects based on its assessment of whether they will make a significant contribution to ending homelessness. In addition to providing assistance and building capacity, the Alliance also sees the Center as a primary source of information about what is happening on the ground. The knowledge gained by the Center staff informs the Alliance’s priorities and positions across the board.

The Senior Technical Assistance Specialist helps communities implement policies and practices that are demonstrated to prevent and end homelessness. A growing body of evidence points to specific practices that help communities achieve those goals. These practices include the creation of local systems for ending homelessness; implementing interventions such as rapid re-housing and permanent supportive housing; improving local crisis systems; and focusing on data and performance. The Senior Technical Assistance Specialist provides communities with training and technical assistance in these areas. S/he prepares or customizes materials that are needed to deliver this assistance, and writes required reports.

Under the guidance of the Director of Capacity Building, the Senior Technical Assistance Specialist will engage in the contracting, planning, coordination, managing of logistics, and execution of numerous capacity building projects. The Senior Technical Assistance Specialist will also research policies and practices used by communities and translate that research into training curricula. The Specialist will work collaboratively with other Capacity Building staff, and research and policy staff at the Alliance as well as with other consultants and technical assistance providers to incorporate up-to-date Alliance research, messaging, and priorities.

The Alliance is a dynamic organization that values personal initiative and responsibility. The Technical Assistance Specialist will be expected to work well independently, and to coordinate numerous projects simultaneously. At the same time, all Alliance staff work collaboratively, sharing information with each other, and participating in and contributing to the planning and execution of the Alliance’s work, overall.


  • Under the guidance of the Director of the Capacity Building Center, provide training, remote and on-site technical assistance and consulting services to communities working to prevent and end homelessness. Tasks may include the coordination of and participation in technical assistance visits and the related drafting and dissemination of reports, guidance, and other documents and resources.
  • Develop and lead projects that align with the Alliance’s priorities, accomplish the Center’s annual goals, and demonstrate positive impact.
  • Evaluate the impact of projects, clinics and workshops in a particular community.
  • For projects that the Senior Technical Assistance Specialist is leading, provide planning and logistical support, including coordinating event logistics, preparing and shipping materials, analyzing community data, and communicating with stakeholders.
  • Under the guidance of the Director of the Capacity Building Center, develop, deliver and evaluate training materials.
  • Research and communicate effective policies and practices used by communities to reduce homelessness.
  • Incorporate up-to-date research, messaging, and community-level data into training materials.
  • Plan and develop content for the Alliance’s two annual conferences.
  • Contribute to the Alliance’s newsletter, website, and other communications efforts.
  • Collaborate with Center and Alliance staff on projects and share information.
  • Participate in and contribute to the Center’s and Alliance’s other projects as assigned.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • 7-10 years of related experience.
  • Demonstrated commitment to and interest in issues related to homelessness and poverty.
  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate numerous projects simultaneously.
  • Demonstrated ability to conceptualize, initiate, and implement tasks.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide trainings to various types of stakeholder groups.
  • Demonstrated ability to provide strategic planning and implementation guidance on system-related issues in advancing goals to end homelessness in a community.
  • Excellent writing skills, especially as it relates to producing consulting reports and explaining advanced concepts.
  • Previous project management experience with demonstrated organizational skills and ability to manage project budgets and deadlines.
  • Ability to work well independently and within a multi-disciplinary team environment, manage multiple projects and priorities, and work cooperatively with the Center’s staff and other Alliance teams.
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal, presentation, and written and verbal communications skills.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent or equivalent experience.


  • Additional experience and education.
  • Knowledge of homeless assistance and assistance for low-income people, especially related to data and evaluation.

Supervised by: Director of Capacity Building

Supervises: N/A

Classification: Full-time, regular exempt

Location: Remote work arrangement will be considered for the Senior Technical Assistance Specialist, with a geographic preference for the west coast.

To Apply: Send résumé, detailed cover letter, and two relevant writing samples to:


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