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Newsletters | July 1, 2014
The Alliance has published "A Research Agenda for Ending Homelessness," a resource intended to inform government agencies and funders about pressing unanswered research questions on homelessness and interventions designed to end homelessness.
Newsletters | June 24, 2014
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has released an annual report for the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program that lauds the effectiveness of the program and details its achievements. Calling SSVF "the first and only VA program that provides services to veterans and their families," the report notes that during the program's first two years it served nearly 100,000 veterans and their family members, and 85 percent of those exiting the program had permanent housing
Newsletters | June 17, 2014
At a press conference on Wednesday, June 11, the 100,000 Homes campaign announced that the movement had housed its 100,000th highly vulnerable homeless person. A national movement coordinated by New York-based nonprofit, Community Solutions, the campaign set the goal in 2010 of housing 100,000 people and reached it in less than four years' time.