Rapid Re-Housing

Rapid re-housing involves providing temporary financial assistance and services to return people experiencing homelessness to permanent housing. Federal agencies that fund homelessness assistance have endorsed these Core Components of Rapid Re-housing as the standard criteria for a rapid re-housing program.
  • Rapid Re-Housing Policy
    The Alliance works with Congress, the Administration, and states and communities across the country to develop policies that promote effective strategies to end homelessness.
  • Rapid Re-Housing Capacity
    The Alliance provides trainings, toolkits, webinars, and guides designed to provide practitioners and community leaders with skills and strategies to successfully understand and implement rapid re-housing as part of a larger, system-wide approach to ending homelessness.
  • Rapid Re-Housing Research
    Research on rapid re-housing as an effective intervention is in its relative infancy. Results from the major national studies on rapid re-housing are yet to be published, but smaller local and state studies have been done and some outcomes from federal programs are available.