Rapid Re-Housing Workshops

Rapid re-housing is a strategy that has proven effective in ending homelessness for many. The Alliance's Center for Capacity Building offers resources to help communities implement this effective strategy.

The Alliance provides training to communities and providers on rapid re-housing. Content is based in part on the Alliance’s publication, Rapid Re-Housing: Creating Programs That Work, and it covers the following topics:

  • The core components of rapid re-housing;
  • Service strategies, including housing location, landlord engagement, and home-based case management; and
  • Critical factors for good program design and implementation.

Online Training Modules

The Alliance has developed a series of 10 to 15 minute modules on the key elements of rapid re-housing:

The modules include powerpoint presentations narrated by a Center for Capacity Building staff member as well as activities communities can do to enhance their content knowledge. Any questions on the modules should be directed to thecenter@naeh.org.

Rapid Re-Housing Workshops

The Alliance also offers in-person Rapid Re-Housing Workshops. The workshops typically provided as a six to eight hour clinic with a mix of presentation, interactive activities, and discussion. However, they can also be presented as a half-day workshop or a more intensive two-day clinic. The workshop can be presented as part of a conference or as a standalone session. Workshops are typically delivered by one trainer from the Alliance with an audience of up to 50 people, although larger sessions are possible.

For more information about scheduling a Rapid Re-Housing Workshop in your community, please contact Anna Blasco.


Library Resources

Webinar | June 19, 2013
This webinar discusses home-based case management and voluntary services as part of rapid re-housing programs, and how to prepare staff for this role. It was originally held for participants in the Virginia Learning Collaboratives. It features Vera Beech from Community Rebuilders in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Kimberly Tucker from Flagler House in Richmond, VA, and was moderated by Kay Moshier McDivitt from the National Alliance to End Homelessness.
Webinar | September 6, 2011
The week of August 29, 2011, the Alliance concluded a two-part series of webinars on rapid re-housing. Information from the two-part series is available here.
Toolkits | July 29, 2009
The Alliance has published this guide to help organizations develop Rapid Re-Housing programs.