From working with policies to developing practices, the Alliance focuses on effective, efficient solutions to homelessness. In this section, we examine those solutions and best practices to ending homelessness.
  • Housing First
    Housing First is an approach that emphasizes stable, permanent housing as a primary strategy for ending homelessness.
  • Rapid Re-Housing
    Rapid re-housing, which involves providing temporary financial assistance and services to return people experiencing homelessness to permanent housing, is an essential part of the federal government’s strategy to end homelessness. Federal agencies that fund homelessness assistance have endorsed these Core Components of Rapid Re-housing as the standard criteria for a rapid re-housing program.
  • Solutions Focus Areas
    The Alliance has devised best practices for approaching homelessness for families, veterans, and youth, as well as for those experiencing chronic homelessness.
  • Ten Essentials
    The Ten Essentials is a guide to help communities identify effective permanent solutions to homelessness. Supported by research and grounded in practical experience, the Ten Essentials serve as a blueprint for communities to follow.
  • Ten Year Plan
    The Alliance's bold and innovative Ten Year Plan approaches homelessness strategically and comprehensively, aiming to end homelessness for all.
  • Community Plans
    The development of local ten years plans began in 2000 when the Alliance announced "A Plan, Not A Dream: How to End Homelessness in Ten Years." Since then, hundreds of communities have developed local plans based on this template.
  • Local Progress
    Across the country, communities are making progress in ending homelessness. Here we highlights strategies, programs, and innovations in some of these communities.
  • Prevention and Diversion
    This page contains best practices in providing prevention assistance, prevention targeting, and shelter diversion into their homeless assistance system, their coordinated assessment process in particular.