Meet the Alliance staff.

Nan Roman
President and CEO

Nan Roman is President and CEO of the National Alliance to End Homelessness, a public education, advocacy, and capacity-building organization. She is a leading national voice on the issue of homelessness. Under her guidance, the Alliance has successfully identified and promoted innovative strategies for ending homelessness that have been adopted by communities across the country. In her role, Ms. Roman works closely with members of Congress and the Administration, as well as with officials and advocates at the state and local levels. She collaborates with Alliance partners to educate the public about the real nature of homelessness and effective solutions. She has researched and written on the issue of homelessness, regularly speaks at events around the country, and frequently serves as an expert on the issue for the media. Her unique perspective on homelessness and its solutions comes from more than 20 years of local and national experience in the areas of poverty and community-based organizations.

Shalom Mulkey
Chief Operating Officer
Area of Expertise: Finance

Shalom Mulkey, the COO of the National Alliance to End Homelessness, oversees the day-to-day operations and directs, administers and coordinates the activities of the Alliance in support of policies, goals and objectives established by the President & Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors. Ms. Mulkey brings to the Alliance over 10 years of experience with nonprofit organizations and five-plus years working specifically in administrative and programmatic management of homeless service organizations. She has a strong background in budgeting, financial management, human resources, and project monitoring. Prior to joining the Alliance, she served as the Executive Director of St. Luke’s Shelter and the Director of Administration and Programs for St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. She holds an M.P.A with a concentration in Nonprofit Management from George Mason University and a B.A. in Communication Studies from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, C.A.

Steve Berg
Vice President for Programs and Policy
Areas of Expertise: Housing Policy, Discharge Planning

Steve Berg, Vice President for Programs and Policy, specializes in employment, economic development, and human services, and the crossover between those issues and housing. Mr. Berg came to the Alliance from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, where he worked on state-level welfare reform and employment. Before coming to Washington, he spent 14 years as a legal services attorney in California and Connecticut, working on housing, government benefits, employment and family integrity. His experience includes nonprofit management and staff training and development.


Samantha Batko
Director, Homelessness Research Institute
Areas of Expertise: Rapid Re-Housing, Young Families, Youth, Domestic Violence

Samantha Batko, Director of the Homelessness Research Institute, leads the research arm of the National Alliance to End Homelessness. In that role, she monitors trends in homelessness, homeless assistance, and at-risk populations; identifies and promotes promising local practices; and translates research to improve homelessness policy and practice. Ms. Batko also serves as the co-chair of the Alliance’s Research Council. Prior to this position, Ms. Batko focused on crafting policy and identifying promising programs that end homelessness for unaccompanied youth and young parents as a member of the Alliance’s policy team. She also served as the Alliance’s lead staff person on issues affecting survivors of domestic violence. She has previous experience helping state and local governments, communities, and nonprofits design and implement rapid re-housing/Housing First systems and programs. Ms. Batko joined the Alliance in February 2006 after graduating from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Psychology.

Anna Blasco
Technical Assistance Specialist
Areas of Expertise: Continuum of Care program, rapid re-housing, emergency shelter, performance measurement

Anna Blasco works with the Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building to help communities adopt best practices to end homelessness. She has worked closely with service providers to improve rapid re-housing, and has provided guidance to communities on becoming data-driven crisis response systems and improving emergency shelter. Ms. Blasco sits on a local Continuum of Care leadership board, has extensive knowledge of HUD’s Continuum of Care and Emergency Solutions Grant programs, and helps communities navigate the changes made by the HEARTH Act. She graduated from American University in Washington, DC.

Keri Buscaglia
Director of Communications

Keri Buscaglia is the Director of Communications for the Alliance. She is focused on the development of strategic communications and the implementation of initiatives designed to advance its goals and maximize the impact of its work. Over the years, Ms. Buscaglia has used her experience as a television news producer and print reporter to help organizations evolve their communication, messaging and marketing strategies in order to connect with the constantly shifting targets of today’s audience and media platforms. Prior to joining the Alliance, Keri worked as the Director of Communications for PAWS Chicago, the largest No Kill animal welfare organization in the Midwest.


David Dirks
Meeting and Events Planner
Areas of Expertise: Event Management, Production, Budget Management

David Dirks is a Certified Meetings Professional (CMP), responsible for the planning and execution of the Alliance’s special events, including the Alliance’s annual conferences and awards ceremony. Mr. Dirks has more than eight years of experience in event production, logistics management, stage management, budget development and management and contracting. Prior to coming to the Alliance, he worked alongside event producers across the U.S., including; Bounce Event Marketing, an AEG Company in Los Angeles, A Dominick Events in Washington, D.C., YES Productions in Los Angeles, and also at the Office of Student Activities at both Howard University and Grambling State University. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Grambling State University and is a graduate of the Howard University School of Law. He recently completed a professional certificate in Event Management and Design from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.


Michelle Fantone
Development Coordinator

Michelle Fantone is the Development Coordinator for the Alliance. She has several years of experience working with the development departments of a diverse range of nonprofit organizations, encouraging best practices and improving strategy. As the Alliance’s Development Coordinator, she manages the Alliance’s fundraising operations and plans the organization’s yearly awards ceremony. Prior to joining the Alliance, she served as a Project Manager for KG Consulting, a fundraising and development consulting firm. Ms. Fantone graduated from the University of South Carolina Honors College with a B.A. in Political Science and Sociology. She received her Master of Public Policy with a focus in Nonprofit Management from the George Washington University.

Erin Fitzgerald
Digital Communications Specialist

Erin Fitzgerald is the Digital Communications Specialist at the Alliance. In this role, Ms. Fitzgerald is responsible for managing the technical execution for all multi-channel communication activities, both digital and traditional, for the organization. Prior to joining the Alliance she worked in digital media at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. She has also worked in digital marketing and web development for several local businesses. Ms. Fitzgerald earned her BA in Newspaper Journalism and Classics from Syracuse University.

Julie Klein
Assistant to the President/Policy Outreach Associate
Areas of Expertise: Legislative Activity

Julie Klein is the Assistant to the President and Policy Outreach Associate at the Alliance. In her role as assistant, Ms. Klein provides administrative, scheduling, and secretarial support to the Alliance’s President, Nan Roman. In her role as Policy Outreach Associate, she assists the Policy Outreach Coordinator in mobilizing advocates to advance policy priorities around preventing and ending homelessness. She also contributes to online advocacy newsletters and advocacy-related publications and assists in coordinating the activities of the Alliance’s Leadership Council. Prior to joining the Alliance, she interned with various nonprofits, including the Sixth Street Shelter in Allentown, PA. Ms. Klein also completed an honors thesis on perceptions of homelessness and researched housing policies at Muhlenberg College, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Political Science.

Jordan Layton
Research Analyst

Jordan Layton is a Research Analyst in the Alliance's Homelessness Research Institute. Before joining the Alliance, he worked as Director of Housing Services and Continuum of Care Collaborative Applicant in Tucson, with prior homelessness-related experience in research, technical assistance, and case management. He received an MSW from the University of Michigan with a concentration in Social Policy and Evaluation.

Kay Moshier McDivitt
Sr. Technical Assistance Specialist
Areas of Expertise: Strategic Planning, Program Analysis and Evaluation

Kay Moshier McDivitt is the Senior Technical Assistance Specialist at the Alliance. She has more than 20 years’ experience developing and administering rapid re-housing and homelessness programs, as well as leading a local homeless coalition and Continuum of Care. As a Technical Assistance Specialist, she develops and delivers training and technical assistance on best practices on ending homelessness, including rapid re-housing, retooling transitional housing, and building a crisis response system. She developed the Alliance’s Rapid Re-Housing Learning Collaborative, which helps rapid re-housing providers build their capacity and adopt best practices. Prior to joining the Alliance, she served as the Community Homeless Advisor for the Lancaster County (PA) Coalition to End Homelessness, providing leadership for the County’s 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness and Continuum of Care. She also served as Vice President for Programs for Tabor Community Services, Inc., during which time she oversaw a number of model program initiatives focused on ending homelessness, including prevention and rapid re-housing approaches. Ms. McDivitt received her degrees in Social Work and Sociology from Eastern Mennonite University.

Mindy Mitchell
Program and Policy Analyst
Areas of Expertise: Youth and Family Homelessness

Mindy Mitchell is a Program and Policy Analyst whose current focus is youth homelessness. Prior to joining the Alliance, she worked as a case manager for homeless families in Mobile, AL. That work with homeless families inspired Ms. Mitchell to go to law school in the hopes of one day working to end homelessness at a more structural level. After law school, she completed a Legislative Fellowship with the New York State Senate, focusing primarily on affordable housing and emergency mortgage assistance legislation. Ms. Mitchell received her sociological education at the University of South Alabama and her legal education at CUNY School of Law.

Sharon McDonald
Director for Families and Youth
Areas of Expertise: Families, TANF, Housing First for Families

Sharon McDonald is Director for Families and Youth with a focus on policy and program strategies to address family homelessness. Ms. McDonald joined the Alliance in 2001. Prior to joining the Alliance, she was a direct practitioner in a Richmond, Virginia community-based service center for people who are homeless for nearly seven years. She has experience providing service-enhanced housing in a subsidized housing development for low-income families with children and in housing for people living with HIV/AIDS. She served as a Social Work Congressional Fellow in Senator Paul D. Wellstone’s office where she focused on welfare and housing issues. Ms. McDonald has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1991 and holds a Ph.D. in Social Work and Social Policy from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Cynthia Nagendra
Director for the Alliance's Center for Capacity Building

Cynthia Nagendra is the director for the Center for Capacity Building at the Alliance. Her experience includes providing assistance to communities around the country to implement HEARTH, building system capacity to provide effective rapid re-housing, facilitating Continuum of Care processes, developing 10-year plans to end homelessness, facilitating system-level strategic planning and design, the planning and implementation of coordinated assessment systems, and improving data systems to measure system performance. Prior to working at the Alliance, Ms. Nagendra worked as a staff attorney for HomeBase, The Center for Common Concerns. Prior to that position, she served as a program manager for the St. Anthony Foundation Learning Center with homeless individuals and families in San Francisco. She also has performed legal and policy work related to women’s rights, immigration, and re-entry programming in New York City.


Noelle Porter
Program and Policy Analyst
Areas of Expertise: Employment and Healthcare

Noelle Porter is a Program and Policy Analyst whose current focuses include employment and healthcare. Prior to joining the Alliance, she worked in health policy after completing an internship with the National Center on Homelessness Among Veterans. Ms. Porter previously worked in case management services at the shelter level while earning her Master of Public Health with a concentration in Behavioral Health from the University of South Florida.

Jen Saunders
Senior Program Analyst

Jen Saunders is a Senior Program Officer who is focusing on issues related to rapid re-housing. Prior to joining the Alliance, she worked as a Senior Program Officer with the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, on issues ranging from homelessness and urban sustainability, veterans’ health, and environmental health. Jen earned a Masters of Public Policy and Masters of Public Health from George Washington University.

Kristi Schulenberg
Program and Policy Analyst


Kristi Schulenberg is a Senior Technical Assistance Specialist at the Alliance. Kristi has more than twenty years of experience in the non-profit sector focused on focused on organizational planning and development, community outreach/capacity building, government relations, and program implementation/evaluation. As a Technical Assistance Specialist, Kristi develops and delivers training and technical assistance on best practices on ending homelessness, including re-designing emergency shelter, diversion, rapid rehousing, system performance measures, and redesigning and building capacity for coordinated crisis response systems Immediately prior to joining the Alliance, Kristi served as the Staff Attorney/Project Manager for the Veterans Legal Assistance Project at the Neighborhood Legal Services Program in DC where she provided legal services to veterans experiencing homelessness or at-risk of homelessness and from 2014 to 2016, Kristi served as the Deputy Director, Federal Programs and as a Staff Attorney at HomeBase, The Center for Common Concerns, a national nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to combating and ending homelessness. Previously she served as Assistant Director of Operations & Administration, California Nurses Association, Executive Director, Hawaii Bicycling League, and Director, National Training Program, Amnesty International USA. She holds a B.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Dayton, and a J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law.

Tarsha Small
Director of Finance and Administration

Ms. Small assists the Chief Operating Officer in managing the organization’s administrative and financial functions. Her responsibilities include administering fiscal policies and procedures, including internal controls, audit, cash management, account reconciliations, expense allocations, recording contributions, and financial reports. She is also responsible for human resource duties including payroll, employee benefits, and oversight of evaluations; and administrative duties as administering office insurance policies and vendor contracts, maintaining inventory of Alliance products and equipment, and maintenance of office equipment. Ms. Small came to the Alliance with over 17 years of experience in nonprofit accounting. She has a B.S. Accounting and an A.A.S. in Business Administration.




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