What You Can Do

Together, we can end homelessness. Find out what you can do today!

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Keep up with emerging policies, actions by the Administration and Congress, and on-the-ground efforts by making sure you visit the website regularly and by signing up for our email publications, including our weekly newsletter, our quarterly research newsletter, and our advocacy updates.

We keep our interactive maps up-to-date with the latest homelessness data and our Daily Media Clips are updated everyday, so you can find out what’s happening in your state and across the country. You can also follow the Alliance on its social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, and our blog.


Advocate for policies and programs that effectively serve homeless people on the local, state, and federal levels. Support plans that will create more affordable housing. Share your concerns with public officials and the media: tell them that ending homelessness is important to you!

We can help you connect with local and national advocacy efforts. Signing up for our periodic Advocacy Updates is the first step!

For more information about the Alliance's advocacy efforts, please check out the Advocacy section of our website.


The Alliance works hard to make sure your gift goes directly to efforts to end homelessness. Donations, regardless of the size, demonstrate your interest in ending, not just managing, the crisis of homelessness in our country. For more information on donating to the Alliance, visit our Giving page.


Your time is invaluable. Dedicate your time and ideas to programs within your community and neighboring areas. We recommend:

  • Working at a nearby housing organization
  • Organizing or participating in fundraising drives for local service agencies
  • Incorporating your skills to aid in efforts of Housing First programs or supportive housing programs
  • Training homeless individuals for employment
  • Registering homeless people to vote
  • Recruiting others to join your efforts.


Find a place to volunteer in your neighborhood!


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