Working Groups

The Alliance includes three distinct working groups within its structure: the Center for Capacity Building, the Homelessness Research Institute, and the Research Council.

The Alliance includes three distinct working groups:

  • Homelessness Research Institute
    The Homelessness Research Institute is the research and education arm of the Alliance and is tasked with building the intellectual capital around homelessness and disseminating that information in a clear, comprehensible way.
  • Research Council
    The Research Council includes the leading national scholars in the field of homelessness. This esteemed group of academics and researchers guide the research agenda of the Homelessness Research Institute – the research arm of the Alliance.
  • Center for Capacity Building
    The Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building is leading the implementation of solutions that reduce homelessness in communities across the country. The Center accelerates the adoption of solutions that are cost effective, data driven, and that will ultimately accomplish the goal of ending homelessness.